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Kami di KS Entourage ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya.. Mohon Ampun Zahir & Batin.... 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rumour Has It....

Hi everyone! Hope everything goes smoothly in your daily life. Life is good when you don’t have any worries to think of. Speaking of worries, I’m pretty sure that you might have heard of some rumours about KS Entourage that are being actively circulated all over Malaya. So what I’m writing today is about this one particular rumour which really caught the attention of my boss, KS, who told me that we need to come clean with this matter. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you to death with the entire story. But what I’m about to write is about the main points highlighted by KS himself.

You see, just recently someone (or something, probably a cat or a bird or even a Polar bear, I don’t know) spread a rumour saying that KS has been stealing ideas from a famous decorator that we would like to call as Decorator X (name won’t be mentioned, but I’m sure you know who we talk about especially when you’ve heard about the rumour). The idea of “stealing” occurs simply because, kononnya KS Entourage worked FOR Decorator X. Why did I type the word “for” in capital letters?

Now, there’s a huge difference between working FOR and working WITH. Being a future educator myself, let me first show you the difference between these two. Working FOR a certain company means you work under them. Meaning that the company pays you and you work for them. In other words, it’s the employer-employee kind of thing. On the other hand, working WITH a company means you work together in order to achieve something. Also in other words, you collaborate with the other party to achieve your goal (ok now I sound like my Marketing text book when I was doing my Diploma).

Rumour has it (cue for Adele’s song) that KS Entourage was the underdog or the staff working for Decorator X. There was this one time when KS Entourage was collaborating, I repeat, COLLABORATING with Decorator X for about seven months before they decided to split. And because of this, it is said that KS has been “stealing” Decorator X’s ideas on the pelamin, decorations and such. I would like to stress here that all KS Entourage’s ideas are original and none were and are not influenced by any other parties. The term “stealing” doesn’t exist in KS Entourage’s dictionary.

The purpose of this post is not that we want to quarrel with Decorator X, neither do we want to show that we are greater than anyone else. But the main reason is solely that we want the public to know the truth. And truth comes none other better than from us, KS Entourage Sdn. Bhd.

Written by Nisa Dottie.

The Story Behind KS Entourage

You may have heard it - KS Entourage Sdn. Bhd, many stories behind it especially after the much publicized wedding of Yusry and Lisa Surihani, but what you don’t know is how did it all started and what do we offer. That’s definitely the purpose of today’s post which is to write about the story behind the success of KS Entourage Sdn. Bhd.

KS Entourage is owned and managed by Khairul Shahril or KS, as the name itself suggested. After graduating from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), KS started working for Astro. He also became the info reader at two local radio stations – Sinar FM and Era FM.

How did it all started?
Working in the broadcasting world definitely gives that person the opportunity to meet a lot of people. That was when KS was asked to become a wedding MC (Master of ceremony). Also along the way he has helped quite a number of wedding ceremonies which required him to do the flower arrangements and such. After working with Astro, he then went to Budapest for work.

After coming back from Budapest, KS received numerous questions and enquiries whether or not he has set up a company which organizes events. It was during this period of time that KS got the idea of finally setting up an event organizer company. Alas in 2008, KS Entourage Sdn. Bhd. was born!

At first, the company only offered coordination, lighting and MC services only but after six months into the business and clients asking don’t we offer dais (pelamin) decoration services and such, he decided to expand the services including decorating the entire event.

What makes KS Entourage unique?
            Of course in Malaysia, we have numerous wedding and event planners that have been doing very well and utterly famous. So what is it, that you may ask, that makes KS Entourage unique apart from all these competitors? Simple. KS Entourage is the first wedding planner who came up with the idea of event coordinator, the whole coordination team as well as catering offered in the services.

            KS got this idea of compiling these important elements into an entire service while he was in Europe. Why? Because normally when people want to get married, the first person that they will look for is either the designer or the caterer. What people don’t know is that they are making a huge mistake by doing that. In Europe and Jakarta, the first person that a bride and groom will look for is the wedding coordinator. These people are the ones who will suggest and propose what they should or should not do. Not only that they are running a business, but they are educating people at the same time, avoiding their clients not to do mistakes which at the end of the day might embarrass them.

Does KS Entourage only cater for weddings?
            Oh honey! That’s where you got it all wrong! We at KS Entourage is not restricted to weddings only. As I’ve mentioned earlier, KS Entourage is an event planner. Not only weddings, but we do everything! From birthday parties to corporate functions and annual dinners. From team buildings, product launching to make up. In other words, KS Entourage is THE one stop centre for everything you need in organizing an event. Not to mention, we were the official event coordinator and planner of Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011  as well as World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID) 2011 Press Conference.

            There you have it, everything you need to know about how did it all started and of course a little bit of KS’ background. Oh and don’t be surprised when I say KS knows how to quilt! And not to mention, he was named the top five Malay debaters in Malaysia not just by the  Teh Tarik puller at a Mamak, nor the fishmonger. But he was named by Majlis Debat Universiti Malaysia (MADUM). It is a very prestigious award. So don’t bother arguing with him, you’ll just waste your time. Cheers!

Written by Nisa Dottie.


KS Entourage
is an event designer & wedding coordinator. Plus everything else you could ever need for your personal and coorporate matters. Throw it on us and we'll make it fabulous!!!

Khairul Shahril or better known as KS is the head & founder of KS entourage... His experience working as event coordinator across the globe including countries like Hungary, France & Austria proves that no doubt about his credibility. Not just that, he was also a writer presenter for AMP Radio and had travel to europe working as producer for a tv show.... His past projects including countless grandios events that he personally coordinated and organized were indeed 101% fab!!! Countless client have enjoyed his works, including local A-list celebrities...

The Team
We at KS Entourage believe our clients' satisfaction is our no. 1 priority. Because of that, we work hard & try to fully understand our clients and give them exactly what they want. Our team that are made up of among the best professionals then work in a group seamlessly, each assigned to what he or she does best to make the magic happen!!!

What Do We Provide?
- Event & Wedding Coordinator
- Event & Wedding decor
- Sound & lighting system
- Photography & Videography
- Multi Camera Production
- Artist performance & Entertainment
- Emcee
- Event Protocol